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Puppies from us will grow up in our home, socialized with other people both adults and children, and of course other dogs.
They will be used to most normal everyday sounds and noises and been on several road trips.
For questions or requests / wishes please contact us.

When you buy a puppy from us it will be:

- Temporary registered in NKK (Norwegian Kennel Club)
at deliviery date, when final registration is in order you will get a pedigree from NKK
- Microchipped
- Dewormed at least 3 times
- Vaccinated
- Health Checked
- Eyechecked
- Hidden fault insured for 5 years

And you will get:

- Life-long follow-up from us
- Puppy Package

- Contract

- Pedigree

- A 6 kg Vom sausage

- Information booklet

- Passport

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