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About Us...

We are a family of 5, consisting of Espen & Jeanette, our son Casper and our 2 staffords Cindy and Maja. The kennel is located in the Norwegian countryside, yet only 20 minutes from the capital Oslo.

When we decided that we would get our first dog, we spent a lot of time looking for a breed that would fit us and our lifestyle. We wanted a dog with short hair, passion for kids, not too big (or too small), strength and stamina for long walks, with great intelligence and devotion to the owners. And with the criterias we fell in love with the stunning Staffordshire Bull Terrier, after a long search we came in contact with the Swedish kennel Elite Staff and brought home our first stafford Cindy in January 2009. After a little while we found out that we would like to have a male too.

And after almost 6 months of searching we found a litter matching our criterias, also from Kennel Elite Staff. Diesel was born August 2009 and when we saw the first images we fell in love with him . He turned out to be everything we hoped for and more, and we started getting more and more passionate and interested in the breed and breeding. Sadly Diesel past away on January 18th 2021.


In 2010 we planned our first litter with Cindy and Diesel as the parents, 9 pups were born in April 2011. At the same time planning our litter we also looked for a new girl, with a good pedigree that we could bring in to our breeding. After months and months of searching, we came across Ginstean Staffords in Wales and their planned litter with the pedigree & type we searched for. In July 2011 we could finally bring home our first UK import, Ginstean Dreams Come True, who we named Maja. She is now the base of alomst every litter we have.

We submitted an application to the FCI for the affix Bullbraaten fall of 2009 and got it approved winter 2010. Our goal in breeding is physically and mentally healthy dogs, with a breedtypical exterior.

Hope you like our site , and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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